Any person entering the site of the Bálványos Summer University and Student Camp, alias Tusványos, shall agree these rules by such entry and by observing them shall assume them binding for him- or herself. Please read carefully in order to be able to enjoy your stay calmly and relaxed.

  • The event is visited at your own responsibility. The organisers make all reasonable efforts to arrange the camp safely, but they shall not be held liable for any damages arising from the eventual irresponsible conduct of the visitors. Please do not instigate to any behaviour in violation of the camp rules and do not express any such implied conduct.

  • Entry and stay to and at the event is possible when wearing a valid, intact, undamaged arm-band only! Entry up to 16 o’clock is FREE, after 16:00 p.m. the following fees apply: 20 lei/person, students, university students or persons above 65 10 lei/person. The arm-band shall only entitle the participant to entry the site of the event if the he or she agrees to adopt the internal camp rules and acknowledges that compliance will be checked by the organisers.

  • Daily arm-bands shall be valid from 16:00 o’clock on the date of purchase up to 6:00 a.m. on the next day.

  • Camping in a tent in the camp is allowed at the designated places in return of a camping fee only.

  • Only vehicles of the administrative staff (fire fighters, ambulance, police cars, deliveries and stage props transport vans) and of the technical staff are allowed to drive into the camp site.

  • Video recordings and voice recordings are made on the event. All participants featuring on the recordings can only be named upon consent. Such persons shall not be entitled to raise any claims towards the producers of such recordings or the organisers of the event.

  • Taking pictures is allowed during the programmes, but no movies or sound recordings are allowed on concerts without the prior written approval of the organisers.

  • No alcoholic beverages or soft drinks are allowed within the camp site, mineral water in opened maximum half litre capacity plastic bottles only. For health and hygienic reasons, no food is allowed. Drink and eat the drinks and food purchased within the camp site only.

  • Do not carry out any commercial, promotional or public relations activities without the prior written approval of the organisers. Do not protest, make noises, beg or mendicate.

  • The organisers do not assume any liability for personal injuries and material damages.

  • It is prohibited to carry any objects threatening the public safety or the physical integrity of others, which may be deemed to be a weapon!

  • Do not use or sell any narcotics or hallucinogens! Use of drugs and dopes shall result in immediate exclusion and reporting to the police.

  • Do not sell to or use tobacco and alcoholic products to people under age!

  • People under age and young people, drunk persons shall not be served tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, respectively, at the location of the event. Persons expressing antisocial behaviour when drunk, may have made escorted by the organisers with the security from the site and such persons may be banned from attending the programmes.

  • Pay special attention to campers under age!

  • Do not make fire within the camp site!

  • Do not swim in the river Olt!

  • Pets are allowed in the camp site when all the following conditions are met simultaneously: a valid vaccination certificate, vaccination against rabies not older than one year, leash and muzzle.

  • If you happen to spot a bear by any chance, do not approach, do not take pictures or film!

  • In case of extreme weather conditions the organisers of the event may evacuate the area for safety reasons to protect human life and prevent accidents. Please follow the instructions of the organisers and of the security service in this case.

  • Security operates in the camp. Their duty includes to warrant public order and safety for campers. They are entitled to take action against any camper violating these rules.

  • In case of any problem or provocation please do not hesitate to contact the policing forces patrolling on site or the organisers. Please enjoy our programmes without any breach of peace and order.

  • Any ruffianism, theft, bodily injury shall be punished by instant exclusion and reporting to the police.

  • Health care provision facilities are available to guests within the event area.

  • Please use the designated toilets only.

  • Preserve the cleanliness of our environment! Discard any trash – including cigarette butts – into the placed trash bins only. Store waste at locations designated by the organisers only!

  • Take items found within the camp site to the reception desk. Make inquiries for lost items the same place.

  • The organisers retain the right to change the programme!

  • Information points are operated within the camp site. If you need any information, please do not hesitate to contact the organisers!

  • All participants of the camp shall be required to observe all and any relevant and applicable laws and regulations of Romania.

Organisers shall verify compliance with these rules. Violators may be expelled from the site.


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  • 0748-516765
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  • 0754-395689

Dakota Service Security contact details:

  • +40 729-885872

Enjoy your stay!