Where does Tusványos take place? How can I get there?

The 30th Bálványos Summer University and Student Camp – better known as Tusványos – is organised at Tusnádfürdő (Băile Tuşnad), in the camping at the bank of the river Olt. Camp reception GPS coordinates are as follows: 46.149735, 25.859668


By car:
From Bucureşti
Bukarest–Brassó [Bucureşti – Braşov] – DN1/E60, Brassó – Sepsiszentgyörgy [Braşov – Sfântu Gheorghe] – DN11, Sepsiszentgyörgy–Csíkszereda [Sfântu Gheorghe–Miercurea Ciuc] – DN12

From Hungary
Budapest, Berettyóújfalu, Nagyvárad [Oradea], Kolozsvár [Cluj-Napoca], Torda [Turda], Marosludas [Luduş], Marosvásárhely [Târgu Mureș], Balavásár [Bălăuşeri] – E60, Székelyudvarhely [Odorheiu Secuiesc], Csíkszereda [Miercurea Ciuc] – DN13A, Csíkszereda [Miercurea Ciuc], Tusnádfürdő [Băile Tuşnad] – DN12

Participants arriving in a car can use the parking lots in the city.

Do not drive into the camp site by car, motorbike, or any other mechanic vehicles!

By train:
There is a railway station at Tusnádfürdő. For more information or the time-table please visit the sites or

What is the access control system?

An access control system is operated at Tusványos. All entrants must identify themselves upon entry (using their personal identity card (ID), driving licence or passport). All participants will be given an arm-band, and arm-bands will have different colours on each day. Upon receipt of the arm-band visitors acknowledge and agree that they have understood the provisions laid down in the rules and they recognise such rules as binding for themselves throughout the camp period (23 to 28 July 2019). The Camp Rules can be accessed here..

Where do I check-in?

Like in the past years, two reception desks are operated to handle check-in, that is two Camp Receptions are in place.
Camp Receptions open at 8:00 a.m. on 23 July 2019 (Tuesday), participants are welcomed from this time on.

1. The external reception desk is dedicated to guests, visitors and anybody who have booked accommodation in the city. This reception desk is situated at the junction of the main road and the access road to the camping. This reception desk has multiple check-points, arm-bands can be picked up by camp participants here. Those who do not come from the direction of the main road, must report to the check-point No 6. When participants are arriving in great numbers at the same time, it might happen that the external reception can not be accessed by car, please take this into account beforehand.

2. The inside reception desk is dedicated to campers. This is found within the camp site, in the middle of the camping facility, and is called the Gyöngyvirág camp reception service. You can get here wearing an arm-band, which is free of charge before 16 o’clock in the afternoon, after that is costs 20 lei, but students and people above 65 can get it preferentially for an amount of 10 lei. Please make inquiries at

What does an admission ticket cost at Tusványos?

Each day, entry to the camp site is FREE OF CHARGE up to 16 o’clock p.m. All arm-bands obtained before 16 o’clock remain valid after that time limit. Incomers after 16 o’clock pay 20 lei, but students and people above 65 can get it preferentially for an amount of 10 lei. Admission tickets can be purchased after 16 o’clock at the camp reception desk and the check-points associated with it. You can purchase tickets only in cash and payments must be made exclusively in lei! Unfortunately, we are not in the position to accept any other currency. An ATM is operated in the Tusnádfürdő area, if you have not changed any Romanian currency yet, you can withdraw amounts from there. Should your cash happen to run out during your stay in the camp, there will be a functional ATM there as well. Tickets can not be purchased in advance.

Will my arm-band be checked?

Yes. Visitors are required to wear their arm-bands throughout the entire Programme. Organisers check arm bands upon entry and throughout the Programme area. Visitors with invalid arm-bands must leave the Programme area. Damaged arm-bands – re-attached, cut, dismantled arm bands and arm-band with a diameter larger than the hand – shall be deemed invalid.

Does every body get the same arm-band?

Each day a different colour arm-band will be valid, except those purchasing a week ticket. The arm-band of these persons will have the same colour throughout the event.

What is the matter with the entry of young people under age?

Minors receive a distinguishing arm-band.

I am not 18 yet but want to buy a beer in the camp.

You will not. Purchasing alcoholic beverages and tobacco products within the camp site is subject to arm-bands, and vendors shall not serve any persons under age with such products. You don’t need a distinguishing arm-band if you turn 18 on the 23rd of July.

I come to Tusványos for several days. Do I have to obtain an arm-band for each day separately or can I get all upon arrival?

Campers staying throughout the event can enter the camp site free of charge all week. If you arrive on Tuesday before 16:00 p.m. only the tent ticket has to be purchased. Those who come for a week but do not camp and think they only want to come in the afternoons each day, can purchase a week arm-band the price of which is 60 lei.

Do you have to buy a weekly arm-band if you stay for two days only?

You decide. Which is the best solution for you. We only issue daily or weekly arm-bands.

Are there any beneficiaries who do not have to pay for the admission tickets after 16:00 o’clock?

Yes, all residents in Tusnádfürdő, presenting a permanent address at Tusnádfürdő by an personal identity card, as well as children below 12.

What happens if I left my ID at home?

A driving licence or password will do. However, if the slightest suspicion emerges that you happen to be a minor, you will get an arm-band designated to minors. This is what happens to twenty-somethings with a youthful face and no ID.

I’d come with a tent. What’s the prices?

The price of the camping lots is 15 lei/person for a day, the price for a weekly tent ticket is 60 lei/person. No day tickets have to be paid for by campers in the camp site provided they arrive before 16:00 o’clock p.m.

How can I camp out in the camp?

We know all of you are sharpening your tent pegs, so here are some important clues to guide the dedicated camper on the hard way of camping out correctly. Our dear campers are kindly requested to report to the camp reception BEFORE putting up their tents from 8:00 o’clock a.m. on the 23rd of July, to issue a colourful, fashionable arm-band and a camp card to them, by which they can get in the fenced-off camp formed of tents, and can decorate their temporary home using their cards.

Camping is allowed at two different locations: in the fenced off camp formed of tents and on the green lawn between the bungalows. The price of the camping lots is 15 lei/person for a day, the price of a tent ticket for the entire period is 60 lei/person at both locations. In addition, both out-campers and camp-dwellers are kindly requested to preserve physical and mental integrity of each other, and to return any found items to the lawful owner instantly, or report at the camp reception.

Is the camp safe?

A security service is in charge on the entire camp area round the clock, you van contact them or the organisers in case of a problem. Two information desks are also set up within the camp site and you may also get assistance there if something goes wrong. Indisposition, light injuries and other health complaint are handled throughout the day in the first aid station tent, and there is a permanent ambulance service on stand-by duty.

What kind of precautionary measures were taken to control bears?

Four rangers are in charge of the safety of the camp-dwellers, who can be reached beside the forest and on the opposite bank of the river Olt. We say reach because anybody of you can see a bear, you must inform them about it. You can also tell the security or the organisers.

What can I bring in and what I can’t?

No amount of alcoholic beverages or soft drinks are allowed to the Programme site, mineral water can be brought in in opened plastic bottles with a maximum volumetric capacity of two litres, and food items in an amount which is not a commercial quantity! Never bring any drugs with you! Such kind of products must be handed over for checking to the security at the entrance. Stabbing weapons, cutting tools and glass objects are also confiscated at the entrance. Bring a raincoat rather than an umbrella.

Well, what will I eat and drink then, and where?

Quite a number of hospitality units are available within the camp area selling carious hot and cold food and drinks. Shops, restaurants are operated in the city. Pay in cash using lei.

Can I put a camp fire?

No fire is allowed within the camp site during the Programme!

Will there be any Internet access?

Several wireless networks are operated within the camp area, some of them public for participants. Please note, however, that you can use the Facebook back home just as well, sit on a lecture instead.

Where can I charge my mobile, if needed?

Mobile phones can be charged at the charging station installed beside Camp Reception No 2./span>

Any outstanding unanswered question left? Please contact our Customer Service at: