The Pro Minoritate Foundation

promino_logo_50The Pro Minoritate Foundation is an independent, public benefit organization that aims to support European and national ethnic and national minorities, with a particular focus on helping Hungarians beyond the border. Our Foundation intends to contribute to the more effective protection of national minorities in Central and Eastern Europe and to their integration into the European institutional systems.
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Hungarian Council of Youth (MIT)

The Hungarian Council of Youth (MIT) is an advocacy umbrella organisation, a continuous player in public life in Transylvania with its more than twenty years of history. MIT projects include programmes, events and camps organised to pupils of the lower grades, grammar-school students and university students alike. Our team is a continuously renewing, dynamically developing organisation, a co-organiser of the Tusványos programme since 2008.
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 Erdélyi Magyar Nemzeti Tanács

EMNTThe main goal of EMNT is to contribute to the implementation of the endeavours of the Hungarian national community in Transylvania, to protect its rights and interests, the strengthening of the non-governmental organisations, democracy, the rule of law and political pluralism, economic, social, cultural and institutional development of the regions.